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brouilleur a une fonction de blocage très puissante

It's widely known in the intelligence and law enforcement communities that cell phones can be used to remotely detonate some types of bombs. The electrical properties for most batteries used today in cell phones provide enough energy to produce the necessary spark or power to detonate a blasting cap or a modified electrical match, which is often used in plastic explosives. Also, built-in alarms and timing mechanisms available on even low-end cell phones make it easy brouilleur de telephone  to use even the simplest and cheapest mobile devices as tools to set off bombs.

Cell phones are believed to have been used in the Madrid train bombings in 2004. And they've been used effectively during the past few years by insurgents to trigger roadside explosions in Iraq. Equipment made by companies such as CellAntenna that can jam or block cellular signals is used by the U.S. military in Iraq to help protect convoys traveling through known trouble spots.

de gros brouilleur gps

It just doesn't make much sense that the FBI can use this equipment, but that the local and state governments, which the Homeland Security Act has acknowledged as being an important part of combating terrorism, cannot, said Howard Melamed, chief executive of CellAntenna. We give local police guns and other equipment to protect the public, but we can't trust them with cellular-jamming equipment? It doesn't make sense.

Afin d'éviter de payer la taxe kilométrique, certains chauffeurs de camion de plus de 3,5 tonnes disposent d'un brouilleur de GPS. Le véhicule devient alors furtif, en quelque sorte.

Anonymement, un transporteur étranger s'est exprimé dans le RTL info 13h. Il prétend que son utilisation en Belgique est efficace et quasi-généralisée. Mon patron l'a acheté sur internet, en provenance de Chine. Il ne coûte pas plus de 28 euros. On appelle ça un brouilleur. Quand on arrive sur l'autoroute, on appuie sur ce bouton et plus rien ne fonctionne.

Depuis 9 mois et la mise en application de la taxe kilométrique, un boitier doit équiper tous les camions qui traversent la Belgique. Il fonctionne comme un mouchard: il envoie en permanence les coordonnées GPS du véhicule, et permet d'appliquer une taxe par rapport aux kilomètres parcourus sur nos routes.


Posted in Travel on January 06 at 01:43 PM

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